Sep 28, 2015


In my May 12 blog post, I had just begun working with slide transparencies, imagining the huipil shape I would copy. Well, art is a lot like life itself, sometimes it has other plans for us. 

We love that, don't we? OK, some of us don't. But I actually do. I love it when a piece continues to speak to me until it's complete, and this one spoke volumes. Out loud. Every day.
That interests me because huipiles are known as the "garments that speak." The connection between text and textile is one of the most appealing aspects of this art form  so I can't pretend to be surprised when they tell me what they want to be and the direction in which they wish to go. 

The theme of this work is no longer Acceptance/Rejection, but Transparency. It's a large issue these days, i.e.. truth /impunity/ corruption in politics, in religion, you name it. We're living in a time in which nothing can be hidden, at least not for very long. If you wish to check out the original post, please do so now, before moving on. 

So, to follow along the circuitous path to completion, we'll start here, where we left off:

Slides drilled in each corner, for tying.

I began by drilling holes in the corners  of the slides, 
so that everything could eventually be tied together. 

Next I painted some of them and used thick cotton threads to hold them together.

Adding acrylic paint and colored threads.

At some point, I had laid them out... enough lengths to know that the original shape was not what I wanted to use. 
Adding more colors, more colored threads, more slides, I listened to the voice within and began to see the possibilities.

At first more vertical, it looked like that would have to 

change, due to the large 
horizontal walls at the Bellas Artes, the destination for this work.

There was also something about the straightforward 
colors that no longer suited me. To the art store for gold leaf. Not able to stop there, I returned to the art store for silver leaf and copper leaf. What a gift it is to have an art store just down the street. 

TRANSPARENCY 1, slide transparencies, acrylic, thread, gold/silver/copper leaf, 72"x67"

Light coming through reflects on the wall behind.

The ultimate challenge will be 
to find the perfect distance from the wall, to see how lights can create a shadow effect of the huipil on one or both sides of it. 

These images of earlier paintings are what I consider my "then truths." This exposure of them is a metaphor for my light and my shadow, my way of reflecting back or shining through, all inextricably connected, tied together and inseparable one from the other.

Exhibition at Bellas Artes El Nigromante: February 11 - April 24, 2016! 


Marian Wyklige said...

Such an interesting, innovative process. Can't wait to see the exhibit in person. xx

Lena Bartula - Contemporary Huipils said...

I can't wait either, ti will be so wonderful to share it all with you after all this time of electronic friendship.

Ezshwan Winding said...

I love seeing your process.

Lena Bartula - Contemporary Huipils said...

Thank you Ez. I like watching yours as well.