Jul 20, 2014


The huipil is the vehicle that shapes this exhibition, the homage, the common thread running through it. Paying tribute to the women who weave traditional huipils is a way to honor and give thanks for the inspiration they've given me through many years. 
Lidia Lopez weaving on her patio, San Antonio Aguas Calientes
Ada working on Lidia's patio 

Blessed are the Unzipped, zippers, canvas.

Other tributes are for women who have found their voices, as in "Blessed Are the Unzipped," in which open zippers contain messages from friends who can no longer be silent.

Everyone loves to write on the Matrix!

Honoring women who have made a difference in our lives, the "Huipil Matrix" invites visitors to participate by writing a message on paper huipiles.

Huipil messages on the Marix

Ixchel contributors writing their hopes and wishes.
This Rainbow huipil pays homage to Ixchel, Mayan goddess of rainbows, water, birth and healing. Markers are provided for visitors to add what they wish to see at the end of the rainbow. 
View of the sala at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Alternate view of the sala

Main view of the sala at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua, Guatemala

 Each work has a unique theme and characteristics... more details to come in my next post. 

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