May 25, 2019


When I first opened La Huipilista Artspace, there was an office in the tiny back room. Until I got the exhibition spaces
up and running, I had no idea what to do with it:

Months later, it became apparent that it could be a great little artist residence, a place to come and stay for a month, make a little art, have an exhibition, enjoy San Miguel:
Former artist residence at La Huipilista Artspace

Then, just to lively things up, I (with a little help from my friends) created the Boho Sala, where there could be a mix of fine art and folk art, with plenty of textiles and some books about the huipil world...a space where visitors could hang out, with an entirely different vibe from the rest of the gallery.
Boho Sala at La Huipilista Artspace

As I neared completion of the room, I realized I had fallen 
in love with it, and wanted to live in it. So the news is, I 
have moved into the gallery, I'm in negotiations to buy the
building, and my beautiful but too big house, only 2 blocks 
away, is for rent as a complete house, on airbnb. For the past  7 years, only the upstairs portion has been for rent, but now as I continue daily to settle in here, there is also the option to rent the entire house: 3 bedroom, 3 bath, with art studio. Or just the downstairs. Todo se puede! / It's all possible!


ellen benson said...

congrats on a new adventure! but i'll miss the "old" place! don't think i'd need a whole house.......... waaaaa!

Susan Marie said...

Excellent news "me thinks".