Dec 5, 2018

December Exhibition

Come celebrate with us as we explore artful alternate realities in images of la Virgen de Guadalupe, the much beloved patrona of my San Miguel neighborhood, the arts district of Colonia Guadalupe. She’s also known as Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas and Queen of Mexico. In her pre-conquest identity, she’s Tonantzin, Mother of all the gods, Aztec Mother Earth, or Coatlicue. Fifteen artists have created 12x12” works in all techniques, representative of her feast day December 12.

La Diosa Sin Fronteras! With talk of "the wall" and the refugee crisis, we find La Virgen on the border, at the crossroads. She has infiltrated the consciousness of millions, crossing borders not only between Mexico and the U.S. but between sacred and secular, old world and new, the powerful and the oppressed, Catholic and non-Catholic, Native and non-native. "12x12: Guadalupe/Tonantzin" explores the cultural borders and boundaries through the works of painters, sculptors, digital and mixed media artists.

For all the history, ideaolgy and colonization she represents, she remains a helpful mother figure, a fierce warrior, and the one we call on when we or our world are in distress.

In addition to this multi-artist collective, I’ll be showcasing my collection of Guadalupe memorabilia from nearly thirty years until today, never before viewed all together. It should make for a powerful addition to her feast that the entire country will celebrating next week. Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

The top of my 1998 calendar.... this says it all.