Aug 30, 2016


Lidia Lopez, from San Antonio Aguas Calientes, is a maestra in every sense of the word. An expert weaver on a backstrap loom, she also knows the foot loom, embroidery techniques, thread preparation, dyeing, selling, teaching, and the symbolism of the figures on any given huipil from any region of Guatemala.  I'm not sure there's anyone better I could have connected with, not only because of all that, but that she's a genuinely kind, loving, brilliant, fabulous being on all levels.
Lidia Lopez and her bird, Tikal
 When I was in Antigua, we collaborated on a huipil, my first experience ever on a backstrap loom. She and her sister Blandena created the warp, then she and I together worked on the weft, recycling both plastic bags and fabric strips. Here's a bit of what Kerstin Sabene and Emy Bartula captured on camera. 
Blandena and Lidia on their patio in San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

Not finished, but happy that we got this far in only 2 weeks. The remainder will have to be done in my studio in San Miguel de Allende. Gracias por todos, amigas queridas!