Apr 5, 2016


Some are tributes, others are drawings, poems. Some ask forgiveness, some grant pardon. Some are simple, other prodigious. Such are the "Letter to Mother" - aka MATRIX. 
Interactive at its core, it invites visitors to sit, contemplate, and then write on one of the small paper huipils provided. The concept of Mother, I explain, is varied and vast, open to personal interpretation. 'Mother' is one of the common threads of our existence; we all come from a mother, in human terms. That idea alone binds us together as a species. 

Matrix Huipil Window Project, Bellas Artes, 2016

Brothers enjoy their own notes to mother. 

Visiting school groups love the Matrix!

The variety of Mother terms gets interpreted according to one's notion of the word.

"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me....."

A thank you letter to Mother Nature.

Prayer to Divine Mother

Mom, you are inspiration. I love you.
"I never found sufficient words, poems, songs, that can
describe the immensity of my love for you."

... and many just wait for translations because I really don't know what they say. 


Mother / Madre 
Grandmother / Abuela
Godmother / Madrina
Fairy Godmother / Hadamadrina
Divine Mother / Madre Divina
Holy Mother / Madre Santa
Mother Earth / Madre Tierra
Pachamama / Mother Earth
Mother Mary / Madre Maria
Tonantzin / Mother Goddess
Coatlicue / Mother of the gods
Chicomceoatl / Corn Mother 
la Virgen de Guadalupe /Virgin of Guadalupe
Green Tara / Mother Creator
Kwan Yin / Mother of Compassion

There must be hundreds more that I've missed. 
Please feel free to leave yours in the comments!