Oct 30, 2015


Ni Una Mas / Not One More!

Traditionally at this time of the year, I invite friends over to help build an ofrenda, the altar for remembering departed souls during Dia de los Muertos. Building an ofrenda has been a custom for me from the days I lived in Santa Fe to now, living in San Miguel de Allende in the heart of Mexico.  These ancient traditions stir my soul and have captured my heart. This year, the altar took a different turn, and instead of a gathering, I decided to create a smaller version, and not so personal as they were in the past. 

My heart has broken open so often lately. We are living in a time of so much violence on our planet, that when I began to contemplate who I would choose to remember, the idea of it became much larger than family, friends, and community. The huipil featured above is one I made years ago. NI UNA MAS! represents the pink crosses made by the mothers of the young victims of feminicides in Ciudad Ju├írez. The slogan demands action, from the government, from those responsible, and from all of us, that NOT ONE MORE of their daughters be murdered. 

We are all one people, breathing the same air and living on our Mother Earth. May we all learn to live and let live. May we all hold peace in our hearts. May we remember to dance while we're still here, and celebrate those who have left us.

 Here's to life and death 
and everything in between.