Feb 26, 2015


Since January 1, I've been seduced, mesmerized, and energized by the small and the simple. The found and the worked. Huipils of paper, canvas, tiny objects, collage, lace and ephemera of every sort, have been my steady and ongoing fascination. At first, I was making them to take to Oaxaca, to bestow upon anyone I might meet and need a little "thank you" for. 

But I also decided to create one a day, that would not be left in Oaxaca. Now that I have almost completed my second month, I feel like I'm giving birth to something... something that is bigger than me, that is teaching me little things along the way. Like being present and open to whatever appears in my path. A store receipt, a food package, an unknown article in the street, a memory / fragment discovered while searching for a different thing entirely. This is what makes a commitment worthwhile, and even, powerful. Here are some of my favorites of January and February.

None are more than 8", most are around 4x6". This way, they're quite manageable to continue, as I prepare to leave for a month. Creating them on the road will be a challenge and a joy, stay tuned for yet another month in the "365 small huipils" series.


Judy said...

Lena you are so, so amazing and wonderful and inspiring! It just keeps flowing! Should be easy to collect while you travel but perhaps the execution can come in a day of relaxing, who knows? But they are fine, fine and perhaps the inspiration came a bit from wire mesh or whatever we called it in the Santo Domingo? Such a wonderful place! Love, Judy

Unknown said...

...yeah, what judy said. it's gonna be a great march

Ezshwan Winding said...

As always, your creativity is impressive. I love following your journey of inspiration, and you.

Lisa Sonora said...

ooh! Love what's happening here - and hearing about your inner journey, too.

So glad to have one of your small huipils from your visit in Oaxaca.

so..please plan to come back and teach in my new studio!


Lena Bartula said...

Thank you all for your encouraging and supportive comments. Sad to say, I have no idea how to respond to them individually. Yes, I am THAT challenged. But I do want you to know how much I appreciate you. See you in the next post ;-)

Kathleen Hughes said...

You are an inspiration -- Daily Practice is a challenge, but I will add a Sketch a Day to my daily practice, see what happens. Love your work Lena, and your blog. Miss you and magical San Miguel.