Dec 18, 2014


All the best of the holiday season to all of you, may it be filled with light, joy, and an abundance of love. As for me, the little elves have been hunting and gathering supplies and materials for the Pathmaker Huipil Workshop in Oaxaca. Since I leave San Miguel on January 5, there's no time like the present. It seems that every year, I say I won't plan anything for January, so that I can just enjoy December, but I haven't been very good at keeping to that. All those years in Santa Fe, I spend December working on the Virgen of Guadalupe exhibitions, closely followed by preparations for the Canyon Road Farolito Walk on Christmas Eve. 

When I moved to Mexico, I began having solo exhibitions in Puerto Vallarta, January or February, and December was taken up with finishing work and last minute marketing. Soon after those ended in 2009, Mariposas San Miguel took over my life and the holidays meant selling lots of products and making sure the women in the rancho had a good Christmas for their families. OK, now that that's over, I used last December working on last minute huipils for the solo exhibitions in February, Guatemala City, and March, Oaxaca. This year, I am preparing to leave, which as we all know, includes packing for all the students who will be showing up in Teotitlan del Valle for the workshop that Norma Hawthorne, Oaxaca's Cultural Navigator, has organized. 

So here we go, I'm makin' a list and checkin' it twice, and if YOU are one of the participants, you will know what you DON'T have to bring. 

Colorful and thick cotton thread, metallic threads and trims, cotton and nylon
trim too.

Canvas gessoed and not gessoed, panels and pieces and full huipil bases. 

Milagros and more milagros, for a nice touch of bling.

Paper of all sorts and colors, plus heavy watercolor paper
that makes a good base for the huipil.

Cutting tools, liquid silicone, rubber stamp alphabet, needles with big eyes.
When put in a cork, they are great poking and punching tools. And the corks
make great patterns when used with ink pads or paint.

And speaking of paint, it may be too heavy to take in my suitcase, but I trust, with all the art there is in Oaxaca, that we will find what we need in the art supply store. We'll go, intrepid travelers, with an openness of heart and mind, a sense of adventure, knowing that whatever we find there or don't find, whatever tools we have or don't have, it will all be perfect. What we least expect to show up, will undoubtedly appear. This is for me, the best part of traveling outside of my studio, expect the unexpected!

Cheers to you and all you can imagine in 2015. And gratitude to all of you who helped make 2014 an outstanding year. Blessings, peace, love and endless inspiration!

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