Nov 10, 2014


On Saturday, my studio was open to the public for the first time in two years. It felt perfect to welcome such a great number of visitors, to show off the 'traveling huipils' plus other works from earlier series and a few new pieces.

Gary and Linda read the tributes to "a woman who has made a difference in your life" that were written by guests, on
little paper huipils, and strung like clotheslines across the arches. 

So many people taking photos all day, I hope they will remember to send some to me!
All of my house is a studio or a gallery, so guests
spilled out into every nook and cranny.
Lulu helped Julie practice cursing.

Browsing the 'print bin' which actually holds original monotypes, photo transfers,
collage, mixed media on paper, etc. 

Huipil tributes strung on lines after visitors had a chance to write their tributes.

Thanks to all who came and supported my work! This was so much fun, I might have to do another one next year. But for today, most everything is cleared out, walls are emptied and tables are ready for work again. 


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