Oct 16, 2014


I first met Norma Hawthorne when I showed my huipils at the Biblioteca Henestrosa in Oaxaca last March. She was there for a personal tour of the exhibition, she took some photos, and we struck up a friendship.

Norma Hawthorn, (L) and Norma Cross (R) at HUIPILES CONEMPORANEOS,
Biblioteca Henestrosa, Oaxaca, 2014

Since then, we have been communicating via email, Facebook and blogs. Norma, aka OAXACA CULTURAL NAVIGATOR is your best bet for Oaxaca tours, workshops, cuisine, immersion and crafts. And she knows huipils! 

She has asked me to bring my huipil workshop next January, and it is filling up nicely. You can check out the past workshops on this blog, here: http://lenabartulascontemporaryhuipils.blogspot.mx/2013/10/womens-work.html and here: http://lenabartulascontemporaryhuipils.blogspot.mx/2013/09/moment-by-moment.html

And Norma has a couple of blog posts for you, this one about huipiles:
and this one with the programming and all the details of the upcoming 6 day workshop:

Check out her blog, sign up to receive it, you won't be sorry.

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