Jun 5, 2014


San Miguel de Allende is gearing up for a first! The "Moving Beyond Capitalism" Conference brings thinkers, speakers and activists from both sides of the Mexican / U.S. border. Presented by The Center for Global Justice, this weeklong gathering offers bilingual presentations, documentary films, discussion sessions, an art exhibition, and visits to organic community farms.

My contemporary huipils have been included in the accompanying exhibition, "Art As Catalyst." Sadly, I won't be here for the conference, because I'll be showing other huipils in a July exhibition in Antigua, Guatemala. But if you've been following my blog, you can just imagine how honored I am to be part of this conference venue. This year, 2014, I have put everything on the line in order to find a wider audience for this work. It isn't always the easiest sell, as you might guess. It  isn't for everyone, and although it gets comments like "powerful," "ingenious," and "intensely creative," it doesn't exactly buy me a new car or a trip to Paris. I love this huipil series though, it is my passion, and I continue to create it because I believe in the power of it. No funding, no commission from the museums or galleries, few sales, but still, I keep making the art, letting it have its way with me!

And that, my friends, is how 'moving beyond capitalism' works in my life. The rewards are so much more than money can buy. When I see the way it touches others, I know I have discovered how to use my talent to make a difference in our world. What an awesome thing to have found, after making art for my entire life.

Moving Beyond Capitalism
Encuentro 2014
Art as Catalyst

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