May 6, 2014


In my last blog entry, "Thresholds," I was considering a huipil for Violeta Parra, who wrote and recorded "Gracias a la Vida" following the break-up with her partner. It was to become her final and most beloved song, as it wasn't long after that she committed suicide by a gunshot to her head. Historians question whether perhaps this was her suicide note. 

Whether it was or not, my huipil homage to her honors this popular song, recorded by many famous artists from Mercedes Sosa to Joan Baez. I used a photo transfer in the heart place, the place in her that must have been so broken. All around her are cd's, which of course were not part of her generation in 1967. But she left us so young, that had she lived  longer, she surely would have gifted us with more and more beautiful treasures for years to come.

Huipil for Violeta Parra, recycled cd's, cotton, photo transfer, thread, 33x31", 2013

Below the cd's are words stitched in silver thread:
Gracias a la vida, que me a dado tanto.
(Thanks to live, that has given me so much)

It isn't finished yet, I'm sure there will be more cd's added and I'm not yet sure what else. As I continue to work on it, I think of how many women have given up on their own lives after a split with a partner, believing they can't go on. And I think of how many artists and musicians have ended their lives, often intentionally - always tragically. As I continue to process this, I send love, hope and healing to all who could use just a little extra to get through this thing called life. May we all have the courage, and may we find the peace of knowing that everything changes, if we're willing to have a little faith.

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