Feb 12, 2014


A reception for the artist is generally thought of as a time for celebrating the artist. That's how it sounds, right? But as the artist, it might be something else, something quite different. For me the artist, it's about celebrating the art that finally made its way into the public eye, after months or years packed away in a box, hung on a lonely wall in some room or other, then stashed in a suitcase to get to wherever it's going. It steps out and says "hey there, I made it!!" 

Great turnout at the Museo Ixchel for the opening reception.

El Equipo/The Installaion Team: Marlen, me, Wagner, Emy, it took all of us to
install it, and it turned out just perfectly.  Photo credit: Armando Mazariegos.

It's a celebration of the muse, a gratitude party for her guidance, her patience and perserverence. Whether she's been there every moment, or I've had to coax and cajole her to please come back, I know she never really leaves.  
It's always good to see people studying the work, enjoying it up close.

 And thirdly, the reception allows me to celebrate all those who come to see the work, gaze deeply into it, allow themselves to fall into it, to feel it, to listen to it. 

Because that is what brings the work to life. When it's finished in my studio, then installed in a space, it's still really only half complete. But when the visitors arrive, the work is no longer a static collection of materials hanging on a wall or standing on a floor. It becomes involved, engaged. It sings, it speaks, it becomes part of the party. 

Director Cecilia Dias, me, Judy, Emy, and Maria.

And a little bit of it gets to go home with each and every guest, whether in their hearts, their minds or deep down in their souls where they might not even notice it for some time. I'm not just guessing or wishing this, I've heard this from too many people for too many years to believe otherwise. Have you had this experience? I can personally say that I have after attending exhibitions, whether the artists were friends or strangers.

So this is just to say, when you attend your next artist's opening, reception or exhibition, I want you to know and value the impact of your presence there. It's so much more than you might have considered. 

Viva el arte!  Viva la vida!  Viva la vida del arte! 


Ezshwan Winding said...

Beautiful blog presentation as well as photo of your installation. Your words express what every artist feels, but often can't find the perfect phrasing.

Linda said...

Lena, sorry that I couldn't be there in body but thank you for making your opening available to us virtually. What a beautiful space and I'm sure that you did it proud with your impressive body of work. Way to go girl! Felicidades.

Adobehead said...

i like when i click on a photo and it pops up bigger so i can study it more! kudos, amiga!

Tracy in Boston said...

Congratulations, Lena! What a beautiful and true sentiment you've articulated, and how wonderful to see your work honored and held, all in one place.

Marian said...

Thank you for your creations, connectivity, perspective and inclusiveness. Your art and spirit are such gifts. Beautiful installation!

Nizz said...

Beautiful body of work. How fortunate for those who get to see it 'live'.