Feb 1, 2014


When Emy and I were walking around Antigua, we saw a junk store with a sewing machine table out front. We had been talking about creating an installation for "Behind the Label" if only we could find some old sewing machines. 

We went inside, and found several old ones, so we approached the owner, Juan Axel, and asked if any of them would be "se renta." He kept replying "si, se vende." And I kept saying "no, no, se renta." and he was so confused. I guess he had never been asked that before, but when I told him about the exhibition, and explained the importance of showing the machines that were probably used in old textile factories, he agreed to rent them to us for the museum exhibition. 

Juan Axel and me in front of his amazing store.

We then headed to the mercado and bought a few old pieces of clothing. I cut them into strips and attached lengths of them to the existing huipil.

BEHIND THE LABEL installation, featuring the huipil with recycled clothing
strips running to the vintage machines, lined up line a row of workers in a factory.

On installation day, we picked up the machines and headed to the Museo Ixchel. I had imagined putting them on a long table.... three machines with three chairs for imaginary seamstresses. But there was no table to be used, only black pedestals. Exactly three. Well, meant to be, I said. And I have to say, I think it was exactly right. The space worked perfectly for it; what do you think?

We don't have the Behind the Label video ready to accompany it, but when 
we do, the next installation will be even better! All things in their time. 

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