Sep 20, 2013


I am so excited to announce an upcoming 
 in Antigua, Guatemala. 

Judy Sadlier, who came from Guatemala for my last workshop, has invited me to present the same material there in Antigua. She has secured the wonderful studio space of Olga Reiche, INDIGO, and the dates are set for Thurs/Fri, Oct. 3/4.

I love Antigua so much, and all the surrounding villages where women weavers still create the most amazing huipils, some very traditional and others more modern. Over the years, I've come to know some of them, and this time, we'll be meeting with Petronila Méndez, the grande dame of huipils at the Antigua mercado as we initiate THE HUIPIL PROJECT.

about the work :
In "Walk in Beauty," you might notice that the center panel features a person with a head bundle. Certainly one sees a lot of this in indigenous cultures, and often in places like Guatemala, Chiapas and Oaxaca. 

Did you know that the spanish word Llevar means "to carry" and also "to wear?" Because before suitcases and bags, wearing a thing was the way to carry it. It can be a perfect way to carry a bundle of things one needs that day, while still having hands free for shopping, kids, selling, etc.  It can also be the only way to cross a river and end up on the other side with something dry to wear. This week I've been thinking about it in regard to all the displaced people due to flooding, from Colorado to Mexico to Guatemala. So many missing, so many dead, and those who survived may have left their homes with nothing more than something they could put on their heads. How do I, the artist, speak about this?

I didn't know it at the time I created the work, but afterwards emerged a prayer for all those displaced. Those whose lives hinge on their ability to walk away, to just walk one step at a time, to walk with beauty, grace, dignity and hope. Some of you may recognize the title, it's from an ancient Navajo chant I learned many years ago from Annie Kahn in New Mexico. On those days when just putting one foot in front of the other is a chore, we can sing this chant and continue down our path, trusting that it will lead us in the right direction. Walk in beauty!


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Unknown said...

Beautiful words and images, Lena. I went to Guatemala for the first time in early 1980. So much has changed (and not changed since then). I bought my first huipil and still have it hanging in my closet in San Miguel. It is from San Antonio Aguas Calientes - distinct pattern I recognize to this day and it holds special meaning for me. Memories. I look forward to more images and stories from your workshop. Un abrazo joey