Mar 22, 2013


Jyoti's huipil is an homage to the 23 yr. old  woman who died after she was gang raped on a bus in Delhi, India in December, 2012 It is also an homage to her father, the hero in this tragic tale. Overcoming the traditions of secrecy and shame that have always surrounded rape in his culture, he has spoken her name publicly: "Her name is Jyoti Singh Pandey."  He has denounced the culture of rape in his country, and the shame that goes with it, so that his daughter's life and her death will not be forgotten.  

  The small blue patch peeking out beneath the veil is embroidered in gold thread with the words "imagine a world without violence", or something like that, in Hindi. The fabric was purchased on my first trip to Delhi in 2010, the embroidery was done in Nepal. I thought I was making them for the Mariposas. Who would have guessed how it would come to be used in 2013.  Here's to lifting the veil; we must expose the wrong if we are going to change it.


Mar 9, 2013


photo credit: Victoria Lynn Pierce
PATHMAKER was beautiful before the installation, I almost believed it was enough, but given its own room and some props, it became more of perhaps what it wanted to be all along. The tree planted on the viewer's left side creates a space to mentally enter into, to contemplate the safety, or the wisdom, of walking beneath those branches, into whatever may lie beyond. The lone figure is reading a quote written on the wall:

"You enter the forest 
at the darkest point, where there is no path.

Where there is a way or a path,
it is someone else's path.
You are not on your own path."

-Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey   

A tumbleweed, an old suitcase covered in dry leaves and a large hat offering shade from a harsh sun propose the possibility of a long sojourn.

Are you ready to take the step? 

Maps of the world, maps of Mexico, it doesn't matter - they're all upside down anyway. You have no need for them, make your own path!

"Let each man take the path according to his own capacity, understanding and temperament. His true guru will meet him along that path."

-Sivananda Saraswat

Inside the Pathmaker's pocket is a loose leaf book of "Things Collected Along the Path." Because surely, if you take the path, you will be gifted with treasures that will remain in your heart and your mind for all of your life.

"When the path ignites a soul, there's no remaining in place. The foot touches the ground, but not for long.' - Hakim Sanai