Jan 1, 2019


New exhibition by Barcelona artist Cynthia Fusillo opens Thursday, with a public reception on Sunday, January 6, from 2-5 pm.  Stop in to meet the artist and share some Rosca de Reyes after shopping the Mercado Rural at Via Organica. Big day! Start the new year with fabulous events, always waiting for you in Colonia Guadalupe!


Fusillo's statement: 

"I am intrigued by the act of creation as a human necessity and as a means of reconstructing our relationship to Nature. 
Collecting and collaging “things that I find interesting and curious” in my surroundings fascinate me. By using Nature in this process I feel more connected to the world and something larger than myself. 

My studio is a sort of Wunderkammer: A room of curiosities.

During the Renaissance curious and indefinable objects, books and drawings were collected and exhibited in a cabinet or room in a private residence.  It is said to be the beginning of the idea of a Museum. 

Women have been collaging, beading , collecting photos, scraps of clothing/textiles, and quilting for centuries. The Feminist artists Miriam Shapiro and Melissa Meyer have written that these were activities that women did in the home in search of a way to express deep emotions or even in some cases survival. I strongly adhere to this belief in my art practice. 

I marry the materials with my interest in working in a vein between artistic and artisanal – sewing, collaging, gathering, saving, collecting, recycling and patterning – emphasizing the functional as well as the aesthetic. These are all practices that are rooted in the heritage of the feminine." 

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