Feb 12, 2018


Barcelona-based artist in residence at the Artspace, Cynthia Fusillo's majorly popular exhibition is in its last week.... it's hard to imagine how much busier we could all be, but here we are. "The Bird in Me Wants to Sing" opened on Jan. 27 and has been mesmerizing the crowds ever since. 

Bringing work from her six-month artist residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Fusillo has created and re-created installations since arriving. Paper dresses, shoes, hats, drawings and paintings were collaged on the wall, representing the breadth and depth of experimentation there.  Now they live side by side with works that she created here in San Miguel, from natural, organic and recycled materials found, borrowed or otherwise given with love. 

Fusillo herself refers to her work as autobiographical, because “I use my own body as a model or measure for the dresses and figures. I then ¨collage¨ my experiences on them combining several techniques. I like to work with materials that have been already used and I get so involved in a process such as sewing, burning, printing so as not to think so much, somewhat like a meditation. My goal is to shake up those ideas we have about a particular material or form or its use and take it apart so as to create something new and surprising."

Closing party for this show is Sun. Feb.18, at 4:00. The artist talk will begin at 4:30; there is some seating but space is limited. Come early to hear her speak, or come later and say goodbye. Either way, we'll send her off with enough fanfare to entice her back again. 

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