Jun 9, 2014


This huipil was actually completed many years ago, about 2008 or 9, when I moved from Pozos to San Miguel, and lived on Francisco Bocanegra. She has accompanied me to many of the exhibitions I've had since then. Everyone always loves LA VENDEDORA, but somehow, she's still with me. 

La Vendedora Huipil, Market bag, bandana, trim, 31x32"

Made from a simple market bag, she carries a bandana of la Virgen de Guadalupe in the heartspace. Las Vendedoras, the vendors in the markets, trust in her to bring them good sales. She's the one they give thanks to, especially that first sale of the day. If you shop en los mercados, sabes que las vendadoras ofrecen gracias a ella despues de la primera venta del dia.  A menudo, es la Virgin que est├ín agradeciendo.

Huipil Clothesline installation at Arthaus66, Albuquerque, NM, 2009

She was first shown at Arthaus66 in Albuquerque, NM in 2009, in a 2-person show titled ILLUMINE. 
Later that same year, she made an appearance in a solo show, MENSAJES GUARDADOS, at Galeria 6, in Mineral de Pozos, Gto. In this photo, she hangs above LA COCINERA, her sister who lives in Nick and Manrey's kitchen. Yes, as you can see, these huipils become personages and take on a life of their own. 

In Guad We Trust

In 2012, she reappeared at Happenings Gallery, (recently renamed PhotoGraphics SMA)  in San Miguel, another solo show. Here she is shown between LA COVADONGA AND LA LOTERIA. 

After that, she stayed at home in my studio for 3 long years, while I was taking a break from my art to work on my women's project, MARIPOSAS SAN MIGUEL.
But now she's ready to travel, and she gets an updated look. 

LA VENDEDORA, with her new skirt of a market bag. New dimensions,32x78"

Because she was born not IN the mercado, but OF the mercado, I could not pass up the opportunity to use this bolsa that held red onions, also sold by the vendors there. This falda brings her to life, gives her more of a presence. Plus, I think she'll love being in the same room with LA CAFECITA, created from coffee filters and a hemp bag that once held coffee beans.

LA CAFECITA, recycled coffee filters, coffee
bean bag, 33x75"

 They both pay homage to those who grow, create and sell what the rest of us need to buy. And they both will be traveling to Antigua for the next solo exhibition, HUIPILES / HOMENAJES at Casa Santo Domingo, July 5 - August 3. 

It's a gorgeous destination hotel, with museum, galleries, shops, restaurants, crypts (yes, it's likely haunted) a chocolate shop, chapels, and the exhibition space I'm showing in has been on my life list for a very long time.
Photos to come, stay tuned!

Jun 5, 2014


San Miguel de Allende is gearing up for a first! The "Moving Beyond Capitalism" Conference brings thinkers, speakers and activists from both sides of the Mexican / U.S. border. Presented by The Center for Global Justice, this weeklong gathering offers bilingual presentations, documentary films, discussion sessions, an art exhibition, and visits to organic community farms.

My contemporary huipils have been included in the accompanying exhibition, "Art As Catalyst." Sadly, I won't be here for the conference, because I'll be showing other huipils in a July exhibition in Antigua, Guatemala. But if you've been following my blog, you can just imagine how honored I am to be part of this conference venue. This year, 2014, I have put everything on the line in order to find a wider audience for this work. It isn't always the easiest sell, as you might guess. It  isn't for everyone, and although it gets comments like "powerful," "ingenious," and "intensely creative," it doesn't exactly buy me a new car or a trip to Paris. I love this huipil series though, it is my passion, and I continue to create it because I believe in the power of it. No funding, no commission from the museums or galleries, few sales, but still, I keep making the art, letting it have its way with me!

And that, my friends, is how 'moving beyond capitalism' works in my life. The rewards are so much more than money can buy. When I see the way it touches others, I know I have discovered how to use my talent to make a difference in our world. What an awesome thing to have found, after making art for my entire life.

Moving Beyond Capitalism
Encuentro 2014
Art as Catalyst