Aug 9, 2010

Hypatia Lives (at Lavinia's)

Solstice Shirt for Santa Lucia, and Pat Miller looking at La Peregrina. Both mixed media, canvas and paper, collage, found objects. 

The exhibition at Casa Diana officially ended yesterday. The works are mostly at my studio for now, and the beautiful HYPATIA OF ALEXANDRIA will grace the walls of Lavinia's Frame Shop at Refugio Sur 35. They did the magnificent job of framing the works in plexiglass boxes and now will have one as a sample, una muestra, for their clientele to see. The other, larger one, SOLSTICE SHIRT, is looking for a home while my studio situation is in flux. It's too grand to be hiding behind bubble wrap. Anyone want to offer it a temporary home? It's the piece behind Pat Miller shown here.

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